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MOD 0.340-0.015

Botswana Copper Project

MOD holds a dominant position in the Kalahari Copper Belt with over 11,500km2 of prospective copper and silver licences at various stages of exploration.

Botswana is a safe, democratic and politically stable country. The Botswanan Government welcomes mining investment, with the resources industry playing a significant role in the country's economy, contributing to a third of the country's GDP and 80% of total exports. As an experienced mining nation, Botswana is an excellent jurisdiction for MOD Resources, offering a skilled workforce, good infrastructure, is English speaking and has sound mining legislation and environmental controls that reflect MOD’s values.

MOD is currently active at six key projects designed to advance three resource development projects (T3 Pit, T3 Underground and T1 Underground) and test the district scale potential of three main exploration areas (T3 Dome Complex, T20 Dome, T4/T23 and T7 Domes).



Watch Executive Chairman, Mark Clements and Technical Director, Steve McGhee on site with PayDirt in January 2018