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Anti-Bribery and Corruption

MOD is committed to acting fairly, ethically and with integrity in all territories in which we do business.

The policy of MOD is not to engage in or tolerate bribery in any form within our organisation or within organisations that we do business with. 

MOD strives to comply with all applicable anti-bribery laws in the countries where MOD operates.  This includes complying with the UK Bribery Act 2010. 

MOD has introduced a formal Anti-Bribery Policy, taking into account anti-bribery laws which may be applicable to MOD in various jurisdictions worldwide.

All officers and staff are required to comply with the Anti-Bribery Policy and, where practicable, we expect all third parties whom we engage to do business on our behalf to take account of our Anti-Bribery Policy and to act in accordance with its provisions when carrying out work on our behalf.


On behalf of the Board of Directors
MOD Resources Limited

November 2018