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Tshukudu Metals engages with our stakeholders and communities to identify and manage social risks, impacts and obligations. We promote open and transparent communications which will build trust and foster collaboration.

Community Office

Tshukudu Metals has established a dedicated and first-rate Community Relations office in the centre of Ghanzi town which is the focal point for managing Human Resources and community relations in Ghanzi District.

Tshukudu Metals and MOD Resources Botswana are the largest explorers and licence holders in the western part of the Kalahari Copper Belt. As activity levels increase, the importance of working together in consultation with the local community and government is essential. To ensure best practice in this area, specialist consultants have been appointed and work closely with the community.

Contact Us  


Tau Mall, Ghanzi



+267 659 7938

Community Projects

Tshukudu Metals supports community programs and initiatives through our sponsorship and donations program, administered by a dedicated Community Relations Committee. Programs include:


CL Woolcott Vulture Restaurant, an important facility which provides education around conservation and protection of the African Vulture





The Cape Town Cycle Tour is an annual event in which KCL support in order to raise awareness and visibility of the African Vulture conservation cause. In March 2018, Tshukudu Metals assisted KCL by sponsoring a group of riders in this event.






International Vulture Awareness Day - was celebrated in Ghanzi on 1st September 2018 with a community event including a 5km sponsored fun walk, attended by local schools, environment education clubs and local scouts. The walk was led by  a recycled vulture sculpture.

Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing extinction. The walk helped create awareness within the Ghanzi Community highlighting the importance of vultures in the ecosystem as well as highlighting the important work being carried out by conservation organisations.  


"The donation of library books to Ghanzi Public Library, which serves more than ten primary schools and out of school youth. The donated books will greatly assist the reading culture of the school children and to help improve their studies.

Prize Giving Ceremonies awarding academic excellence for students at local Ghanzi Senior School and Itekeng Secondary School.



Donations of football boots to Ghanzi school children. As part of a collaboration with a Western Australian Football Club, Mr Dominic Piper of Paydirt Media arranged for the donation of children’s football boots.

The boots were presented by Tshkudu In-Country Manager, Mr Gaba Chinyepi.


Tshukudu Metals will develop and adopt policies and procedures to support the International Finance Company’s Performance Standards on Social Sustainability.

The Community Policy of Tshukudu Metals can be viewed by clicking this link.