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Mission and Values

Company Mission Statement and Core Values


Mission Statement

“To become a significant copper producer by delivering on objectives, creating shareholder value, and working with the local community creating employment opportunities and environmental sustainability”

Guiding Principles

MOD Resources and Tshukudu Metals follow the values and principles outlined below:

  1. Ensure safety is always First Priority 
  2. Maintain highest environmental standards for all exploration and operational activities
  3. Employment to be sourced from within Botswana and locally from Ghanzi District, where possible
  4. Provide training programs for all employees to support them in their work 
  5. Specialist advisors from overseas to provide technical support and help upskill 
  6. Support sustainable local businesses in Ghanzi District whenever possible and look to support the creation of new local business opportunities
  7. Encourage and fund collaborative studies and graduate programs at Botswana universities
  8. Build and maintain relationships based on transparency and open communication with local government and the communities in which we operate
  9. Zero tolerance for any activities that may lead to illegal or corrupt outcomes