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Health & Safety / Human Resources / Community

Tshukudu has established a dedicated and first-rate Community Relations office in the centre of Ghanzi town which is the focal point for managing Human Resources and community relations in Ghanzi District.

The skills training program, established 12 months ago, is an integral part of the induction and ongoing training requirements for Tshukudu staff. This is essential to ingraining a Safety-First culture within the rapidly growing site team as the Company transitions from exploration into mine development and operations. Site safety training and procedures are now well established and are being expanded into areas including first aid and fire response training. 

Various new safety initiatives continue to be maintained and others introduced, and daily safety meetings are held at the Ghanzi operations office.

MOD and Tshukudu continue to work together to ensure they are compliant with all environmental regulations. Environmental management plans are prepared and submitted to the DEA and baseline flora, fauna and biodiversity studies are completed across projects as required.

Stakeholder engagement policies for exploration and development activities have been prepared by Tshukudu and it is MOD’s intention to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed and relationships are built and maintained as MOD progresses its Projects.

Tshukudu and MOD Botswana are the largest explorers and licence holders in the western part of the Kalahari Copper Belt. As activity levels increase, the importance of working together in consultation with the local community and government is essential. To ensure best practice in this area, specialist consultants have been appointed and work closely with the community.

Multiple stakeholder meetings have taken place and feedback has been extremely positive on the achievements of Tshukudu to date and the upcoming extensive regional drilling program.